Friday, March 6, 2009

A Good Etsy Day

Yesterday was great!

I listed my "Night Owls" throw pillow:

I got some great feedback from my facebook friends when I uploaded it there. I updated my flickr account and added my latest two pillows to the groups I'm a member of.

I sold one of my favorite makeup pouches:

and got home from work to find the gorilla portrait I bought from BerkleyIllustration waiting for me in my mailbox along with a freebie print of a gorilla and a bird!

A handmade day that made me smile from beginning to end!

<3 Always,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi, my name is Taina and...

I'm addicted to VieModerne's flowers!

(admitting is the first step!)

I wore a different one every day at the United Auto Workers Health & Safety Conference and it was a great way for the guys to come up and ask me about them and start a conversation. I accidentally squished my pink hair clip to the point of no return, so I just bought a replacement.

There's nothing like combined shipping discounts to make someone want to buy more than one of something, so I purchased a gold satin one also! I am so excited!

I also went to Borders Books after work and looked through books of little girl dresses and have been sketching out ideas, so be on the look out! My coworker Greg and his wife Candy are having a baby girl in June, so I get to try out all my patterns on them. =)

When I got home, I listed my latest pillow, a print I absolutely love. It's called "VW Sole", in the pink colorway.

(As always, you can click the photos for more details)

I photographed my latest pillow this morning but didn't have time to list it, so it will have to happen once I get home from work this evening.

<3 Always,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring things!

Even though I'm a Winter baby, I have found myself tired of slush and the terrible drops in temperature this year. I decided to buy some new fabrics for items for Spring and chose these from FabricWorm:

I am especially excited by the 2nd, 3rd and 5th prints in that stack.

And I also bought these:

I think the woodgrain is super cute. I can't wait to make lots of makeup bags and coin purses and things out of these fabrics!

Be on the lookout! Lots of new things coming in the next week or two! I also made two new pillows, one I am listing in my shop tonight, the other I am photographing tomorrow and listing before work if possible.

Oh, as for things I have purchased? I'm an Etsy addict recently! I bought two vintage things from JollyPollyPickins.

The first is a vintage owl coffee container and matching mug for my old roommates Dorian & Becky who just got engaged, so it's their engagement/housewarming gift.

The second was an impulse buy. It's a vintage Circus container that spins! I thought it would make a cute spot for candy or something on my coffee table in my livingroom. It reminds me of this circus train toy set I had when I was a child.

I can't wait until they come! I thought I'd buy some nice coffee to put into the coffee container for D&B.

<3 Always,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm baaack!

Black Lake (Onaway), MI was incredible. So much snow! The UAW is an incredible brother(and sister)hood. As I'd told the president of my Local, there is nowhere I'd rather celebrate my birthday. They are like a second family to me.

So now I'm back home in NYC, I got back on Friday night, slept all day yesterday and am still tired today. My roommate hasn't put her bed together yet and is still sleeping on the couch a couple weeks later. This makes it difficult for me to make things early mornings. I REALLY want to sew!

I got home, paid my Etsy bill and donated 15% of my sales for February to World Wildlife Fund. It came to $8.40, so I rounded it up to $10.

I picked UNICEF as the world-wide organization to donate 15% of my sales to for the month of March. They do so much work for children, and as I am gearing my shop more towards children's items as of recent, I think it is perfect for March.

I had some money left over after paying the bill and donating, so I bought myself a couple things I'd been eyeing from my "Favorites".

I finally bought the little birdies decal from Elephannie that I'd mentioned a few posts earlier, as well as this awesome gorilla print from Berkley Illustration:

and a few stamps and stamp pads from NoraJane to personalize the boxes and envelopes I ship my items in. I bought a heart and a spool of thread. I also bought a little frog for my mom:

Once my roommate wakes up, I can go into my fabric pantry and pick the fabrics I want to make things out of today.

<3 Always,