Friday, March 13, 2009

Too busy!

I've been super busy with work and haven't actually had time to finish my first apron. I was hoping to finish it before I left to meet with some friends, but it isn't happening. So hopefully tonight and I will list it tomorrow.

In other news, I've sold 5 items so far this month. This means sales are picking up! I'm super excited about this! I just need to keep the momentum going.

I need to pre-wash all the fabric I received recently from FabricWorm so I can get cracking on some super adorable and very girly things.

I also was asked to custom make a dress for my boss's niece's 2 year birthday in May. We picked out the fabric (see above) and I sketched out a design I think would be super cute and my boss agreed.

I want to make it with a cute empire waist sash. I think it will be adorable and cant' wait for the fabric to get to me!

Okay, gotta get ready to head out. Later, bloggers!

<3 Always,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Retro-style aprons!

I have started making aprons for my shop and can't wait to photograph these domestic little numbers!

The first one I am finishing tonight is made from this Alexander Henry apple and pear fabric:

I can't wait to photograph and list it! It will most likely be posted on Wednesday, since I work super early tomorrow and can't take good photos until the sun comes up.

Be on the lookout! This is just the beginning!

<3 Always,