Friday, January 30, 2009

More hobbit birthday purchases!

I have been looking for something special for my mom to give to her on my birthday. She gave birth to me, I thought I could give her something relaxing. I'm trying to purchase all of my Hobbit birthday presents to distribute on my birthday on Etsy.

Today I went to the front page of Etsy and stumbled upon the featured seller: SweetPetula. She makes bath and body items from scratch! Perfect! My mother loves to take baths and hardly ever does. I want her to pamper herself more, as she owes it to herself. I purchased bath fizzies in three different scents:

I purchased "Mediterranean Mint", "Provence" and "Sweet P." I think it's the perfect gift for my mom!

Okay, I have to sew the remaining of my January 10 items and list them by tomorrow. Time to get cracking!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

February's Coming!

Do you know what that means? Valentine's Day! My Birthday! My trip to the United Auto Workers Health & Safety Conference!

So many things to be excited about! I didn't used to be a Valentine's Day kind of gal, but now that I have two penpals and a number of single friends, I thought it would be fun to purchase/make cards.

I bought a couple from CreativeApples, but can only show one of them because my Etsy penpal reads my blog:

Also, I really love the idea of a Hobbit Birthday. Hobbits give gifts to others on their birthday, and I think that's an awesome idea. So I've been buying little things on Etsy to give my friends. I bought a few things from VieModerne, including one hairclip for myself:

I think I need to check her shop again for something perfect for my birthday. Although, I also wonder how the reaction would be if I wore something super girly in my hair at a United Auto Workers conference! lol.

<3 Always,

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