Saturday, June 21, 2008

a little extra cash...

I went on a card shopping spree these last few days on Etsy. I purchased cards from Vermont Vintage and again from Creative Apples.

Look out, Etsy Penpal, you are going to be card'd out in the upcoming weeks!

I wanted to buy the dress from Miss Brache but then I realized I'm not in the best shape. So I started a crazy workout cycle. I do at LEAST 10 mins of hulahooping, which actually burns the same amount of calories as running an 8 min. mile. Today I did an hour of hula hooping and some dance cardio. So hopefully in 3 weeks or so I will be where I usually am physically and I can take measurements and order the dress.

Tonight is "Jaws" on the big screen @ MoMA. I'm SO stoked! I'm trying to find the perfect Jaws outfit. lol. I've been a little more ridiculous than normal.

Peace and Love,