Saturday, July 5, 2008

random thoughts.

Hey ladies & gents!

I've been sans internet for 2 days and finally got back online. I have no idea what the problem was, but I actually had to call the cable company and set up an appointment to get it fixed. The cable guy said that out of 100%, my connection was running at about 2%. He was surprised I was getting any cable channels, also. Man, catching up on a billion e-mails is NOT fun. Today was supposed to be my relaxing day.

Sans internet/my favorite tv channels, I went to Borders and bought David Sedaris' latest book, cleaned my apartment and organized my new fabric into my bins. I also made ::gasp!:: a new pillow for my shop! I will post it later, I have to get a custom order listing posted first.

I also bought sculpey and started thinking up ideas for magnets and such, so stoked.

Someone said something interesting yesterday. She said something about being self-supporting, and I'd never thought of that before. Sure, in the monetary sense, I'm self-supporting, and my etsy shop is self-supporting. But I had an epiphany of sorts. Sometimes I go through these periods where I don't make anything, and I fall into this terrible rut. When I'm not productive, I feel like garbage, a terrible downward spiral.

So July? Is all about being self-supporting. I'm going to be as creative as I want to be, make things, sketch, design, and support the artist inside me. I'm very excited by this idea, and a little nervous!

Oh, and if you've ever wondered what I listen to while making things?
Today's playlist includes: Young Love, Maroon 5, Metro Station, Rilo Kiley, and later this evening? Some Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald.

Yup. Oh, and I had half a toasted bagel w/ peanut butter on it & orange juice for breakfast, and am eating the other half for lunch.

There, the innerworkings of Taina on a Saturday afternoon.

<3 Always,

Monday, June 30, 2008

Vejigantes (Inspiration Part II)

I don't know if I've mentioned this before...I was named after the "Taino" indians of Puerto Rico. They were a pre-Columbian tribe killed off by slavery and disease once the Spanish came. All that's left is the cave carvings and stone artifacts.

My mother is Puerto Rican, my father is Caucasian. I think my being drawn to the bright and bold prints in the fabric I choose is probably influenced by my month-long stay in Puerto Rico in 1996. Twelve years ago, and I can still envision the crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the neon fish, the boldly painted houses...

I have been thinking about my Puerto Rican family a lot lately. Starting with attending the Puerto Rican Parade here in NYC earlier this month. My great aunt on my mother's side "Tia Fina" passed away last week.

As I've been battling anxiety and depression for months now, I cannot get the image of the vejigantes from the parade out of my mind.

A vejigante (pronounced "bay-hee-gahn-teh") is a horned character meant to scare away evil spirits.

And I want to paint them! I've been wanting to paint a series of vejigantes for a month now.

I have another etsy username: that I took in case I wanted to do only hispanic-themed items. I never set up shop, but it's there in case I want to set it up. Mi Vida Loca means "My Crazy Life". Which I think is perfect if I am making vejigantes to ward off evil spirits (like depression and anxiety).

My mom makes these great little mask pins and I've been dying to get her to make some for Etsy. I wonder if she'd be interested in this idea.

I wonder if anyone would want a vejigante pin, painting or fridge magnet. hrmmm... I looked them up and didn't find anything already on Etsy. If I can make a pillow today and post it, then I will reward myself by going to the store and buying canvas and some paints.

Love Always,