Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is it worth it?

This morning I received an e-mail from Renegade saying they are accepting applications for the fair in Brooklyn. It's a juried fair, so I'm not even sure if I'd be selected if I applied. There's a $10 non-refundable jurying fee and it costs $200 for the application. If you are accepted, that's all you have to pay, if not, they send back the $200. THEN, there's also the tent/table/chair rental. The website hasn't been updated with the costs yet. I would also have to decorate the space, make a sign, etc. That's a good deal of cash if nothing sells in the two days.

Decisions, decisions. I just contacted FortCloudy to find out what her experience was if she did it and if she'd be applying this year.

I woke up early this morning, ready to take photos of my kitchen windowsil as well as the two items I made last night and my batteries were dead! I have a charger with 4 rechargeable AA's and usually just rotate them so I always have two charged, but somehow slacked this time. I will have to write another post about the seedlings.

Today? Target w/ my mom. Their plastic containers are on sale and I need to organize all of my stained glass and tools. I'm also in need of another under-bed storage container for my handmade things, I've been making TONS of stuff! Speaking of which, I can finally finish the custom order for the matching small and large makeup bags today.

I'm so excited about making my first clutch. Maybe tomorrow.

Here's my latest makeup bag:

(Click photo for listing info)

I LOVE the pink birds. I bought fat quarters of this fabric from CheapThreads and fell in love. I may have to make something for myself for Spring. I also love how the zippers I purchased match the bird tails perfectly.

Okay, I'm off to Target. Later, gators!

<3 Always,

Friday, February 15, 2008

Deep Sigh...

So many exciting things happened today! While waiting in the Dr's office, I thought I'd have enough time to post again via cellphone, but no such luck.

First, I don't have emphysema! My lungs seem fine, it may just be my allergy induced asthma. My doc wants me to monitor my breathing and heart with and without the inhaler while I'm in Capoeira class, which I hope to start up again next month. But lots of tests were done and things are looking up! I got my 2nd HPV vaccine, my right arm is still sore, 7 hours later. Because I have this dull ache in my upper arm, I decided to treat myself to something fun today.

I went on a search for heavy-duty fusible interfacing for the incredibly large makeup bag custom order I am supposed to be making which proved harder than expected for a city that has it's very own fabric district.

I finally went to Mood Fabrics which was featured on this last season of Project Runway. I called ahead to see if they had heavy-duty fusible interfacing and the very friendly girl who answered the phone said yes. Well, lo & behold, they did NOT have the interfacing I needed. le sigh.

I did find some super cute blue lining fabric as well as a really cool floral print on a white background. I bought a yard of each and while standing in line to pay, I impulsively bought a few more spools of thread. $30 later and I was out the door continuing my search for fusible interfacing.

I walked over to 38th St. in search of this fabric store an employee recommended, didn't find it, but found this great trimmings/zipper/webbing/snaps/buttons store. Okay, I could have just called it "notions." They didn't have white interfacing, but did have black, which will be fine since the bag is B&W. I also bought 4 magnetic snaps because I want to expand my sewing line and add clutches. I'm super stoked!

After fabric/interfacing shopping, I went to Home Depot as I'd gotten a gift card for redeeming my credit card points.

In my attempt at becoming more "green", I have been looking for CFL's (Compact Florescent Lightbulbs) for the remaining light fixture that has not been switched over to energy saving bulbs. This is because it's the living room and on a dimmer switch. Not many people realize that a dimmer switch saves no electricity on normal CFL's, they have to be the dimmable kind. Home Depot doesn't carry anything past the equiv. of 15 Watt. That stinks because I need 60 or 75 for my livingroom. Since I had a card burning in my pocket, I decided to pick up some more eco-friendly cleaners by Method. I bought hand soap and dish soap since my roommate and I are quickly running out. I also bought my mom the tub/tile cleaner since she couldn't find it at Target.

I love the eco-friendly cleaners because a) they are biodegradeable/reuseable/compostible and b) I have horrific allergies to run-of-the-mill household cleaners. The eco friendly ones are also comparable in price, if not cheaper. I can breathe easy cleaning and knowing I'm leaving less of a footprint on the earth.

Because I still had money left on my card and was on a "green" kick, I decided it was time to finally buy a big bag of soil. I was a key-carrying member of my Community Garden until my keys were stolen. Since it's Winter, it's quite hard to find a time when the president of the garden is there to get a new copy. I would normally just go pick up some compost for free. I bought soil, seeds and biodegradeable seedling pots made from plants.

I came home and repotted my aloe plant, inhaled the gorgeous scent of my paperwhites that are in bloom in my kitchen and planted my remaining bulbs as well as organic tomato, oregano and sweet basil seeds. We'll see if anything grows. Photos will be posted tomorrow, as it's dark.

<3 Always,

Friday Morning Ritual

Today starts my first day of my 9 day vacation in NYC. I was hoping to get out of the city but I have class in the middle of the week.

I think I am coming down with a bit of a cold, at least I hope that's all it is. I'm going to the Dr. at noon today. I have this terrible fear of feeling under the weather on Friday, getting really sick on Saturday and waiting until Monday to see the Dr. People in large U.S. cities know that you don't go to the Emergency Room unless you are near death, because odds are you will die waiting terribly long to be seen. (Violent crimes and horrible near-death accidents are first, strept is way at the bottom of the list.)

After the doc I have to hunt down some heavy duty interfacing. I've never found it in NYC before, only the medium stuff, but it won't do for the very large makeup bag I have a custom order for. I usually order online but don't want to wait for it.

I had Valentine's plans to go to Blockheads for strawberry margaritas and mexican food w/ two of my friends/coworkers but one of them was really sick yesterday so plans were postponed. Le sigh.

So...Friday Morning Ritual? First? I photograph and list the item I made on Thurs. night. Second? I pay all of my bills online and figure out how much I have left after being paid. Third? I balance my Etsy Paypal acct. and transfer my actual earnings to my bank account.

This is how it works for my Etsy shop:
Listing Fees now are .20 for each of the month's 20 items = 4.00.
Etsy transaction fees once something sells = 3.5% of selling price
15% of selling price of each item - charity of the month
Paypal fees = 5% of each transaction.
Remaining? Goes to my savings account for my education fund.

I use money I make from my fulltime job to purchase supplies. I like the idea of my fulltime job investing in my education.

So this morning? I'm listing another turquoise sugar skull coin purse. It's one of my best sellers and I absolutely love the fabric!

Okay, I'm off to knit and catch up on the latest episode of Lost. Happy weekend, everyone!

<3 Always,

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's been a week since I last updated. I've been busy...::GASP:: going on dates. Yup. I would write more about them here, but neither of them have anything to do with my handmade life. Except that I haven't been making as many things as I should be.

I am so excited, as February's sales picked up, I sold the strange bird makeup bag this morning. I also just listed this:

(Click photo for listing info)

I made it last night and love how bright it is, especially because it snowed all day yesterday and is pouring all day today. Grey days should be combatted with brightly colored projects.

My Marketing class was postponed last week, due to start this Weds. Today, the college called me to say that the instructor has once more postponed the first class to next week due to the weather. Heartbreaking! I was really excited today and was contemplating buying a really cute notebook just for the occasion.

Oh well, I will go home and make more things. Hooray!

<3 Always,