Saturday, April 5, 2008

An etsy shop review...

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, so this entry will be short, as I want to go out and enjoy the sun with my friend Olivia.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I'd ordered some cards from Creative Apples to send to my etsy penpal. Creative Apples sells note cards with her gorgeous photography on them as well as the photos in other sizes.

The image colors in her robot cards are probably best described as reminiscent, the angles that the photos are taken at remind me of how a child would see the image. They're slightly quirky and quite crisp images.

And of course, the cupcake card I purchased? Made me lick my lips, seriously. It was Cupcake Week on the Martha show this past week, so this card came just in time. Again, the composition and colors are incredible. A perfect birthday or celebratory card!

The package of my two cards was so beautifully presented when I opened the padded envelope, the cards were tied together with a gorgeous Spring-time ribbon, and another of Creative Apples' cards was enclosed as a thank you note, totally personalized. The cards were shipped immediately, with much care. It will be hard to part with these two, I will definitely be back to the shop for more.

I think one of the things that draws me to purchase as much on Etsy as possible is the connection to the creator. I like the handwritten 'thank you' notes, the care towards the packaging, the messages when items are shipped. It's just an awesome experience every time. Very personal, and I LOVE receiving things other than bills in the mail.

I sold a handknit bonnet I made last week, my first item going to Korea! I keep meaning to print out a small world map so I can pin each country and state I've shipped to. Among those countries are: Canada, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Australia, China, Thailand and New Zealand. And now Korea!

(Click photos for more info)

Above is my first April item that I've posted, I think I am especially drawn to the fabric because the grey reflects those terribly rainy days of early Spring, and the blue flowers and birds are of things to look forward to.

As always, you can click the images for more info!

Happy Saturday, folks! And check my shop next week, as I am adding some very new items to my store! More on that later!

<3 Always,

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inch by Inch, Row by Row...

A month and a half ago, I posted photos of what I was hoping would be my little kitchen-window garden? Well, most if it is still just dirt.

I have managed to somehow grow and kill 8 tiny 1/2" oregano plants and four 2" cherry tomato seedlings. Only two basil seeds sprouted out of the packet I planted, but neither have died...yet! I have one little tomato plant that seems to be trying it's hardest to stay alive. I may have to suck it up and go out and actually buy seedlings instead of trying to do this from seeds.

(the red arrow is pointing at the one lonely cherry tomato seedling.)

I wonder if my community garden leader reads my blog. I've been waiting for my replacement key for 8 days now and it still hasn't come. I'm in the mood for some composting action! I wonder if it's because she knows I have a brown thumb when it comes to herb growing and is very afraid. lol.

My potted dafodils? Still alive and kicking, as are my bamboo plants, aloe plant, calanchoes. Herbs just don't like me!

Also, I seem to be stuck on 220 sales. I was hoping to hit 225 by the end of March, but that's a mere two days away. We shall see. I plan on coming home after work today and sewing a ton. Migraines and a pulled back muscle set me back quite a bit this past week. We shall see! I'd love to have 65 items in my shop by April 1st.

Below is my 60th item, I listed it yesterday. I love it because both sides are similar but different color schemes. If you click the photos you will see the listing and note that the bottom of each fabric actually matches up!

(click photos for more info!)

In other (exciting!) news? Operation Dreamseed found me! On Friday I was contacted by one of the people on the Board, asking if it was okay to send my shop's link out to her friends, and yesterday the Exec. Director contacted me asking the same thing. I wrote both of them back saying I'd love to extend my donations through the month of April, since March is almost over if they want to spread the word.

Apparently the Exec. Director found me through this blog! Hooray! I should e-mail my marketing instructor to let her know. It would be awesome if I could sell a few more things and make a larger donation to Operation Dreamseed. I love the idea of purchasing school supplies and sending them out myself, but I think the money would go further if the organization purchased the supplies, since they are tax exempt.

<3 Always,