Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crafting for me...

This week was a good week as far as Etsy goes. I sold 2 pillows and a makeup bag, shipped them out yesterday. I made a few things as well.

I like turning my sales around and purchasing things off Etsy. I most recently found a pattern for an Amy Butler tanktop in CatyLouQuilts that I have been eyeing. I finally purchased it yesterday:

I looked through fabric in FabricStash's Shop and picked out one of my favorite prints, the VW Sole in the blue colorway:

I have yet to find 1" buttons and I still have to purchase the interfacing, but I am so excited about this project! I've never sewn any adult clothing before and have definitely not sewn anything for myself. I used to knit things for myself on occasion, but sewing? nope. I'm SO excited about this project. I will definitely post photos once the pattern and interfacing arrive, as I have a feeling this project will take a few more weeks. =)

So that is not where my Etsy shopping spree ended. I bought a few postcards from EricHou but can't show you which ones as my Etsy penpal reads my blog on occasion. (I'm such a tease!)

And I finally FINALLY purchased two buttons from ButtonEmpire. I've been eyeing Button Empire's buttons for quite some time. Can you guess which ones I purchased? Fine, I'll show you. =)

I am SO excited about the "The Revolution Is Being Handmade". It'll be more exciting once I make myself a tote bag.

I'm currently sporting a not-so-handmade but eco-friendly bag from MoMA. I just realized it isn't for sale on the website. That's too bad, it's a great design. I will try to describe it. It's a black flat tote bag made of spun fibers from recycled plastic bottles. It's got a great graphic white image of four different types of plastic bottles on one side. Just bright white silouhettes, I've gotten lots of compliments already and I only purchased it a week ago.

Today I am meeting with a friend in SoHo for some shopping. I'm looking for a bathing suit, a pair of shorts and a gift for a friend. I hope to find some cool postcards or notecards for my Etsy Penpal, and maybe some fabulous prints for inspiration so I can come home and make more things for my shop.

I should probably shower and figure out what to wear. I'm meeting her early afternoon.

<3 Always,