Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's grey outside...

It's a rainy day here in NYC, making me slow-going this morning when I should be at work in an hour.

I'm excited, I sold four items by Feb. 4th this month. No sales yesterday, but it kept the momentum going to continue to make and list things and aim for my 20 items in Feb goal. I made items 3 and 4.

Item #3 is perfect for today's listing:

(As always, click the photo for more info!)

Have a great day, blog friends!

<3 Always,

Monday, February 4, 2008

Nothing handmade to update with...

...but I'm doing it anyway!

I didn't make anything last night. I went to Whole Foods after work, bought organic strawberries, gala apples, a bosc pear, baby spinach, parmasean and mozzerella (all organic! hooray!)

Yum. I had an apple and some cheese for dinner and it hit the spot. I'm bringing an apple and a pb sandwich for lunch at work and I couldn't be more excited.

I sold the little umbrella coin purse yesterday! yay! It was one of my faves, I'm so glad it's finding a good home. =)

Today after I eat my sandwich and apple, I am going to the Post Office to ship out the makeup bag I sold 2 days ago and the coin purse I sold yesterday, as well as my latest letter to my penpal. I hope I get something in the mail soon. I am so excited about my penpal. I love receiving things other than bills!

I'm saving the organic strawberries for the extra white chocolate I have in the apt. from when I made all of the peppermint bark for my family. Hopefully I will have someone to share it with this week.

Tomorrow I get out of work at five, part of me is really hoping I get to hang out with my new work friend Omar, but part of me is hoping he cancels so I can come home and sew a ton. I have the fabric cut for 4 more makeup bags, and hopefully my wholesale zipper order will arrive in my mailbox tomorrow.

Oh, I bought a really great V-day card from SpringCartDesigns. I can't wait for it to get here. My mom's been thinking about learning sign language for a while, she flashes me the "ILoveYou" sign from her kitchen window when I leave her apartment, I think the card would be perfect for her.

My from SpringCartDesigns is super friendly, communicative, quick to respond and quite helpful. She's shipping out my card immediately, too. I love great etsy service!

Time for work!

<3 Always,

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I've been craving fruit like nobody's business recently. Like apples with peanut butter and really good organic strawberries. yum! After work today, I'm heading to Whole Foods to buy some really good fruit, parmasean and some munchy veggies like baby carrots and such. I'm sad I missed my local Farmer's Market yesterday. It's only every Saturday from 8am-3pm. Next week, I will buy some of their amazing apple cider. I can't wait!

I'm actually leaving my apt. in 15 mins for Target to buy some necessities like paper towels, razors, organic milk and such. Oh, and chocolate bars and marshmallows for my s'more maker! I think I'm hanging out w/ a new work friend tomorrow night, and I promised him s'mores.

I sold my little umbrella coin purse this morning! I was hoping someone would buy it, since I think it's super cute.

Anyway, here's a strawberry zipper pouch to tide me over until I purchase some actual fruit this evening:

<3 Always,