Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One behind...

Well, I'm one behind as for listing one item each day. I neglected to list something yesterday. eeps! That means I have to make two items tonight for my shop.

(Click photo for more info)

I made a pillow on Sunday night and just listed it today. It's made with a new print I purchased about a month ago. I think it's a really great print, both colorful and subtle, the contrast of the flowers on a white background reminds me of Winter. I may make a couple of these for my couch.

I love making envelope-backed pillows because the covers are so easy to remove and wash.

Okay, off to sew!

<3 Always,

Monday, December 1, 2008

Doctors Without Borders

I try to pick a different organization each month to donate 15% of my Etsy Shop's gross sales to.

This past Friday I met a Sudanese refugee named Wassie. He is incredible, soft-spoken, strong, a survivor. Upon meeting him and listening to his story, I decided that December (in connection with World AIDS Day) should be donated to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres.

I have donated a couple months to DWB/MSF in the last 12 months but really felt it was necessary to end the year on this note. The Fistula Foundation was a close second, so perhaps in January. I worry that something so blatant might be off-putting to potential buyers.

In case you are wondering what Doctors Without Borders has done in Sudan, here's the link: MSF in Sudan.

I wear an AIDS Awareness ribbon every Dec. 1st. I have lost quite a few family friends due to HIV/AIDS and would love a cure but would settle for economical treatments worldwide. DWB/MSF has done quite a bit of work in countries where many have been suffering from AIDS with no cost-effective treatment. To read more about it click here:

So December in Taina.etsy.com will be dedicated to Doctors Without Borders. Tell everyone you know! =)

<3 Always,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heart To Heart

I just threw down ::gasp!:: $110 for a portable GPS system for my dad for Christmas. It's all he wants, he expected to buy himself one and I had to tell him to trust me and not buy one for himself, which sucks because I really really wanted it to be a surprise. I'm hoping he forgets over the next month or at least feigns shock.

If you know my dad, please please don't say anything to him! Pretty please? I bought him the Magellan 3250, refurbished from TigerDirect.com. It was $89.99 plus a $17.99 extended warranty and $1.99 shipping. Egads! I always question myself repeatedly when I spend that kind of money on something. Looks like I will be eating whatever is in my cupboards until I get paid on Thursday.

I bet you are wondering what this post has to do with "My Handmade Life". I am getting there... =)

I just listed my new item for today, not a minute too soon, as there's only 5 mins left of "today".

(Click photo for more info!)

The fabric I used is called "Heart To Heart" which I thought was a great name and fun colorful pattern for baby shoes. My hope is that I can post at least an item a day through December, hopefully generate more sales and be able to sponsor more underpriviledged children through "Operation Santa" this year. Last year I sponsored 8 letters from children and parents, 11 children in total and it felt AMAZING. I really hope to sponsor 12 children's letters this year.

So many of these kids write just asking for a winter coat or new shoes because their single parent has no money for them. It's heartbreaking but heartwarming to know I can help. Last year I had a letter from a single unemployed father who couldn't afford warm clothes for his 3 young daughters. It was fun buying coats, gloves, scarves and toys for them and knowing I was making a difference.

So here's to hoping I sell more items! Tomorrow before work I hope to finish a pillow out of new fabric, photograph it and list it.

<3 Always,