Sunday, November 1, 2009

Craft or Die!

As previously mentioned, I'm slightly addicted to Bust Magazine. While browsing the ads, I came across two awesome pattern shops. I just purchased the pattern for these little guys from Dangercrafts. I absolutely love destash projects! Destash projects are those small projects that take just those little scraps of fabric or random skeins of yarn you have lying around your workspace. They are de-stashing your overwhelming supplies!

So I hope to get started on this project as soon as Rebecca Danger sends me the PDF pattern! They are just too cute for words and I think my mom would love them for X-mas. (two birds with one stone, people! Two birds with one stone!)

Speaking of two birds, I also checked out UrbanThreads Now this is the smartest embroidery website I think I've ever seen. They sell PDF's of simple line drawings to transfer as embroidery patterns. They don't suggest the stitches, the colors, nothing. Just simple black line drawings. They are only a buck each, and I completely fell for it and bought this one! I think it would be fun to embroider and frame over one of my sewing tables. I need crafting projects I can work on during my commute to work. My commute's only 30 mins/each way, but I used to get SO MUCH knitting done in that time!

Well, I'm off to water my plants and get sewing! Later gators!

<3 Always,