Friday, June 6, 2008

w00t! Etsy Purchases!

So I arrived home last night to find my package of fabric from CatyLouQuilts. Totally excited! I have to wash it before I make anything, but laundry has to be done at some point today anyway.

I finally remembered to look up my stimulus check date. I will be getting my money in about 10 days! I promised myself I'd put the majority right into the bank but spend a bit on Etsy. I like the idea of putting money back into the Etsy Market.

Do you know what that means? In a month and a half or so I will have that killer dress from MissBrache!

And I will obviously be purchasing more cards for my penpal!

So stoked!

Today has been a super slow lazy day. I had kickball finals last night after work, we won 2nd place, not too shabby! Today I laid on the couch for most of the morning, had an ice cream shake for breakfast and decided to get off my lazy behind and make some stuff. I have fabric ironed and cut already, so it's time to put it together for some new makeup bags.

It's rainy, I'm allowed to be a little lazy today. =)

<3 Always,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Things to come...

So I've been out of the etsy-creating loop for a while now and I'm officially raring to go again! I have a 3 day weekend (Fri-Sun) packed with obligations (of the good kind) but I am definitely squeezing some sewing into the schedule.

I have to finally add the snaps to the 12-18 month dress so I can post it, and if the new fabric I ordered comes, I will be making some snazzy fun pillows for my shop.

Below are the fabric patterns I purchased from Catylouquilts

I am so stoked! I also am hoping to make a significant dent in the giant rubbermaid containers I have filled with all sorts of fabric next week. w00t.

Look out Etsy! Taina's coming back with lots of fun stuff in new prints!

<3 Always,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

a girl can dream...

I have been wanting a retro-style black halter black dress with white polkadots for quite some time. I believe I've found the absolute perfect one on Etsy!

Now I just need $95 + shipping of disposable income!

I have the perfect black patent leather sexy sexy sexy heels to wear with it.

I think I would just need a rockabilly boyfriend for dates.

<3 Always,