Saturday, March 1, 2008


Sometimes I forget how old I am and try to stay out as late as I used to. That was definitely the case last night, I got home after 3am (3:30? 4?) and am feeling every bit of that today. ::wince!::

Jenny's Leap Year party was fun. She loved the jar of gummy frogs I brought as my guest gift. I made 4 origami jumping frogs for her to put in the jar when the gummy frogs were done and everyone loved the idea. The gummies went VERY quickly. =)

(Click photo for more info)

I'm so behind on some parts of technology! Etsy started posting video podcasts and audio podcasts and I can't for the life of me figure out how to download them and put them onto my mp3 player! Okay, really, that's the only part of me that's behind. Just the podcasts. I guess that's not so bad. If anyone who reads this has suggestions, please let me know!

Yesterday I sewed my fingers off, watched 3 episodes of Season 2 of "Big Love" and swooned over SweetestPea's monster made out of recycled men's clothing on Martha. I just recently bought a rice ball from her for a friend of mine. I hope I get it today!

I still ended up one or two behind my Etsy quota. That's fine, I will make those before working on March's 20. My fabric didn't come yesterday either. Sigh! I didn't REALLY expect it to, since it was only 4 days after the prints were shipped, I was just really hopeful. I DID get another card from my handmade penpal TheSeaWithin! I love her! I get things from her every other day. I want to find fun objects to send her along with my handmade cards/envelopes.

Speaking of TheSeaWithin, check out my new makeup bag:

(click photo for more info)
The fabric is named "Caribe" which I think is so cool since that's actually my brother's name. The color palette really does resemble like the Caribbean Ocean.

I really want to make clutches, if my migraine ever goes away today, I am going to cut fabric and attempt to make one today. Migraines make me sad. I know I should rest but I should also do laundry, tidy my apartment, finally put together my dresser. I'm trying to work through it, but I don't know if that will really work.

I'm off to take more excedrine and see if I can get up out of bed!

<3 Always,

Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!

Hello friends!

So as many of you know, I have Friday/Saturday off from my fulltime job. I'm also 8 behind my 20/month self-imposed quota of items to make for Etsy. I couldn't be more thankful for a Leap Day this month!

Today, Etsy will be on Martha! It's so exciting! I try to watch Martha whenever I can, which is usually once a week at most. I love all of the recipes of hers that I've tried. Especially the Irish Soda Bread, to die for!

So the plan is to make 8 things today and list as many as possible. Then I will be going to my friend Jenny's Leap Year party. I'm still trying to think of a good hostess gift for her and her roommate. My last party, she brought a "Hostess Platter", which was a nice plate covered in Twinkies, DingDongs and HoHo's. It was really cute. She joked that we are in competition because she spent "so much time" working on her gift to me. I was thinking of maybe making a jar of hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels. We'll see!

Here is item 12/20:

(Click photo for more info.)

A tried & true fabric, hopefully it will sell once again! This time I lined it with blue fabric I picked up at Mood. I hope my new order of fabric from FabricStash arrives today! I can't wait to make things out of the new prints.

It's 9:24am and even though my throat is slightly sore, I'm ready to start my day! I think today is an oatmeal & an organic navel orange day.

<3 Always,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It's been almost a week since I last updated. Not much has happened in my handmade world. Let's see...

I made cornbread and baked ziti. I put together a new ikea bookcase for all my craft and art books.

On Wednesday, I attended my first Marketing class. The instructor was sick, so she was low-energy and had very little of a voice. The homework is interesting. I'm supposed to answer questions abour promotion, price, product and profit. I was so thrilled to have homework that I did all of it on the subway ride home. I hope next week has better energy.

One of the students is a jewelry designer who has sold to a few celebrities, all by word of mouth, doesn't have anything online. I don't even think she has business cards. I will talk to her about Etsy next week, I think, she seemed interested in how I use the online world to my advantage.

I haven't listed anything new! And the makeup bag is becoming the bane of my existance. It needs to be able to support heavy normal-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles along with other such things. It's not terribly to my liking, so I will try again today.

And yes, today is my birthday. I'm putting together my new dresser for my bedroom and working (once again) on the custom order makeup case. And Dorian and her girlfriend have invited themselves over to watch the Oscars. I'm hoping they don't kill me, I really just want to sew. Hopefully they will not catch an attitude with my sewing at the kitchen table while they watch the show in the livingroom.

A perfect relaxing birthday? Sewing, cleaning, putting together my dresser and taking my old one apart, and maybe making a bday cake for myself out of the Magnolia cookbook.

<3 Always,