Friday, March 14, 2008

a relaxing weekend.

Good Afternoon!

I have no social plans for today or tomorrow and I'm actually kind of thrilled about this. I went out last night with 5 coworkers for Mexican food, got home before 11pm and slept. I really needed the rest.

Today I haven't made anything yet, I'm still in bed, I've been awake since 8 this morning. I'm catching up on last night's episode of "Lost" and thinking about all the things I want to make. I'm waiting for my roommate to leave this afternoon. Sometimes I don't like to be watched while I sew or knit. I really just want some quiet time in front of my machine.

(click photo for more info)

I listed my latest makeup pouch, made from the cool fabric I purchased at Mood Fabrics a while back.

I've read somewhere around 8 blogs so far. I love reading crafty blogs, they are so inspirational. Two Etsyans started a daily forum thread called "The Original Blog Love" where bloggers can post their links and everyone else can browse all the daily entries in one place. So much fun.

The only four things I MUST do this weekend (Fri/Sat, I work Sundays) are go to Target, the Farmer's Market and the library. I already forgot what the fourth one was, but I have it written down somewhere.

I usually have much more to do than that, so this seems pretty darn relaxing!

Spring knit dresses are on sale @ Target and I finally found out I got Easter Sunday off from work so I want to go and see what they have. I have been eyeing certain Sparrow/Swallow necklaces on Etsy and think Easter is a great reason to purchase one. I sent a message to a seller asking about shipping policies, as I really only have a week to receive it in time to wear with a new dress. I hope to hear back from her soon!

My family is really not religious, but we use religious holidays as good excuses to share a meal and good conversation. I also use it as an excuse to buy a girlie outfit to wear.

I will probably do Target and the Farmer's Market bright and early tomorrow, on the way to the Farmer's Market I can return some library books. Sounds like a plan!

<3 Always,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An apple a day...

My coworker's friend just had twin boys! He bought 2 apple hats from me and I couldn't be more excited. I hope she takes lots of photos!

The cool thing about my hats is that the brim rolls up and down and the knit is stretchy, so it works very well for growing babies. Since they are only 4lbs currently, the hats will definitely last until Fall. Alvaro is seeing the babies either tonight or tomorrow night, I can't wait to hear his friend's reaction to the hats. Alvaro was totally in love with them.

I love when customers are happy!

I just bought a bunch more fabric, half yards in 4 different prints from FabricStash. Maybe I will get them by Saturday, that would be awesome!

I have marketing class tonight, which I'm not thrilled about since the class is mostly common sense. The one really nice thing about the class is it inspires me to work hard.

I made two more makeup bags last night but had to leave for work before I was able to list them in mh shop. Another pink/red striped, since I just sold the last one and one made out of my new orange/yellow/red floral fabric.

I'm glad I'm on a creating roll. I'm always happiest working with my hands.

<3 Always,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She's back!

Good Afternoon!!

After a very crazy/hectic/chaotic week, it's Tuesday of a new week and I'm feeling great!

I received a letter from my Etsy Penpal yesterday. She's such an inspiration. Not only is Nadine attending grad school AND training guide dogs, but she makes a tremendous amount of new items in her spare time and is selling tons! I came home and sat in front of my sewing machine and made two new makeup bags. Including one out of the Fishy fabric I purchased from FabricStash! So exciting!

I have paypal $ burning a hole in my creative pocket. I "hearted" at least 4 listings of FabricStash's today. If I sell one more makeup bag, I will be able to place a nice order for fabric AND buy more fusible interfacing. STOKED!

The second item I made? Another pink bird makeup bag, I have yet to photograph it, though.

As usual, all photos are clickable for more info. I'm off to work and then home to make MORE THINGS! Hooray!

<3 Always,