Sunday, May 25, 2008


Here's my latest item photographed in my new window spot:

(click photo for more info)

A few months ago I blogged about my kitchen windowsil and all the plants I was trying to grow. Well, the seeds never grew past tiny seedlings that would die a few days later. All those basil, oregano and cherry tomato seeds! oh well.

This past Saturday, my parents asked if I wanted to ride with them to Home Depot in NJ to pick out flats to plant in front of their apartment building. They do this every year, they pick a ton of annuals in a couple colors and plant away! I was too busy eyeing the cherry tomato plants to remember what they picked this year. I bought two very strong cherry tomato plants after much "ooohing" and "ahhing." One of the plants I picked already has 5 tiny green cherry tomatoes on it! So exciting.

This past week, as I adjusted to meds, I found myself wanting to tend to my little kitchen and livingroom window gardens. I bought larger pots with saucers, cleaned the windowsil and window and went to work repotting my aloe, cherry tomatoes and a few other things. I used the soil from the seeds I'd tried desperately to grow and failed and mixed it with some organic fertilizer and soil. I then found a better pot on Friday for the aloe and once again repotted, as I pulled the soil out from one pot into the other, I found lots of little seedlings growing! Now, they are too small to tell what they are but I carefully put them in a tiny pot. Maybe my basil or oregano will grow afterall!

Yesterday, Dorian, Becky & I went to the Bronx Zoo. Afterwards we stopped on the Upper West Side to run some errands and somehow I ended up buying organic basil in a pot.

My kitchen windowsil now has...cherry tomatos, arugula, basil, echinacea and aloe. As well as some kind of tiny palm and some other thing I lost the tag for. lol.

Now, the problem is that my bedroom is the one with sunlight for the majority of the day. This is an issue as I use my bedroom window to take photos of my etsy items. I found another window that has great light in the morning and took some photos, didn't even have to adjust them for brightness!

So now I get to move all my "full sun" plants. I have to wait until my roommate moves out next week. Our apartment is currently a giant mess of boxes and paperwork and I don't want to disturb anything.

Photos will come soon, my camera is currently full of photos of the Zoo that I need to upload.

<3 Always,