Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Organization and Squirrels

Once I put together my fabric pantry, I went through tons of large and small lidded plastic tubs of fabric, zippers, notions, thread and tons more sewing-related things. I then proceeded to organize and refold all of the stuff and then put them into my new pantry. This took at least an hour, it was incredible. I have fabric I completely forgot about! Yards and yards of it! It's almost a little insane.

I then realized I am not unlike a squirrel. I buy all of this fabric and hide it away in plastic tubs in case, I don't know, all fabric stores in the world cease to exist? Then, months later, I find fabric I'd completely forgotten about. Squirrels are known to do this with nuts. They burry them for later and occasionally forget about them.

So here's my latest creation from fabric I'd forgotten I had:

As always, you can click the photo for more info.

I love this fabric, it's named "Caribe", I'm guessing after the Caribbean Sea. The colors are so reminiscent of the ocean. My brother's name is also Caribe, after the Caribbean indians and the sea. I once thought I'd make him pillows for his dorm, but they are not really his style, so I opted not to. Maybe if he has a kid one day, I can make something out of the fabric for the child.

I found other fabrics, too. Things I can't wait to use, so stay tuned to my shop for new things in the upcoming days!

<3 Always,