Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hooray for new items!

(click the photos for more info!)
I finally got a chance to photograph two new makeup bags today and just listed them about an hour ago! I hope they sell!

My penpal cuts lots of fabric at once and then sews lots. I've always made one item from start to finish before starting another one. But the fabric cutting in one-fell-swoop really seems to work, so hopefully I will get more things up and posted soon! I'm finishing up a new pillow tonight! I hope to list it tomorrow!

Oh, and speaking of my penpal? Her birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks and I NEED to send her really random goodies from Etsy. I have no idea what to get her! There are so many gift possibilities on Etsy! The pressure's on! =) I like a challenge, though.

I keep meaning to pick up the tiles I ordered from Home Depot to start making coasters and I keep forgetting. I know it's only 6pm today, but I'm still in my PJ's. Maybe I will pick them up tomorrow after work, since I will already be outside.

My very good friend Dorian and her girlfriend Becky are moving into my apartment and I could not be more excited! I get to cook and we will have craft nights. I hope they will inspire me to make more things! I gotta get ready for the holiday season!

<3 Always,

Ode To An Ex Lover...

I mentioned in a recent blog post that I purchased the MoMA Exclusive edition of the Diana F+. I finally took a few rolls of film to be processed and printed and love this photo:

I didn't plan it out or anything. It's a double exposure of a view from my subway station's platform and the view looking down at my shoes.

What's interesting is that I just ended a thing I had with a guy I was on-again/off-again dating for two years. The last positive thing I remember him saying to me was "I like those shoes, they're like ballet flats." He grew up in my current neighborhood and used the train station I took a photo of.

So I named it "Ballet Flats & Dyckman St: An Ode." It seems obvious that my sub-conscious wanted something physical to grasp when I thought of the last two years of steamy fun and emotional turmoil.

<3 Always,