Friday, October 30, 2009

Inspiration in little packages.

Late October and I've written and saved so many drafts of blog posts but haven't actually posted any of them. Whoops!

This is just going to be a short one to get the momentum going again:

About 6 weeks ago I posted about Scarlett and the bday dress I made her. Well, I found a photo of her from her birthday party and thought I'd post it:

There's Scarlett, face covered in blue cupcake frosting, wearing the dress I made especially for her! How can you not smile after looking at this photo?

I wish people would send me more customer appreciation photos, they really make my year! I love seeing babies and toddlers in the clothing I create for them!

In other crafty news? I 'hearted' this item a while ago but found the shipping to be quite ridiculously expensive (it turns out the shipper uses Fed Ex) so I never bought it. I was going to go to the lumber yard and try to create my own.

My mother signed onto to look at my items and unknowingly came across the items in my favorites. She thought she was just browsing items on Etsy, not solely items I'd liked enough to 'heart'. She found the item I'd been fawning over and purchased it for me as a gift! Without even knowing that she was shopping things I'd chosen as things I like!

So I put it up and realized I need to purchase more thread. But look at how organized it is currently! I used to keep all my thread in two large jars from Ikea and inevitably always needed the color all the way at the bottom. This is SO MUCH EASIER!

Okay, time to get some sewing done!

<3 Always,

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