Monday, September 7, 2009

My favorite 2 year old girl.

My family is full of toddler boys but no girls. I am trying to make more boy-friendly items for my shop, but in the meantime, I've completely fallen head over heels for my coworker James' daughter, Scarlett.

(Scarlett and James fooling around)

Scarlett is two years old and SO full of light, SO friendly, SO full of personality. I've only met her a handful of times but she left a really great impression on me and I instantly fell in love. She let me take her into my arms and carry her around and I can't help but smile a big doofy grin whenever I see her.

(The Front)

Scarlett turned two a couple weeks ago and I was invited to the party but had an evening class to attend. I whipped up a 2T retro-cut dress in a fabric I absolutely adore as a present for a friend to bring in lieu of my attendance. There are absolutely no choking hazards on this dress, it's easy on/off using a narrow v-cut in the back center neckline. I'm thrilled with it and plan on making a bunch more in different prints and sizes for my shop.

(The Back)

My friend called me to say that Scarlett immediately wanted to change into it at her party and did! And proceeded to get cupcake all over it! That means she had a great bday, I smiled when he told me. I hope to get James to take some photos of her in it sometime soon.

(Back neckline)

I am currently making a dress from the same style for another coworker's daughter, in a 3-6 month size and in this fabric:

<3 Always,

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